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A nice read loved it and the series when I was younger. HarryPotterandTheChamberOfSecrets
A amazingly crafted story produced by (unfortunately) dead J.R.R. Tolkien. The book incorporates one of the finest fictional worlds ever. TheHobbit
The third installment to the series. The book is a well written book, but does get dry at some points, but it still delivers. Xenocide
A fantastic sequel, and in my opinion even surpasses its predecessor Ender's Game. SpeakerForTheDead
Card brings his best to this book and delivers flawlessly this book is among some of the greatest of science fiction. EndersGame
A rather moral questioning movie, this one left me feeling depressed for days, however it is a fantastic movie. GoneBabyGone
If you love the Simpsons as I do (the old stuff) than this is your movie. TheSimpsonsMovie
A funny movie that is a must see (at least for guys) at one point or another this humorous movie will have you laughing a good deal of... MontyPythonandTheHolyGrail
A hilarious movie, good to watch again now and then. NapoleonDynamite
A heart warming movie, I enjoyed every moment of the quirky dialogue. Overall a good movie, however I wouldn't call it a family movie. GardenState

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