DavidVilla7 Pompey Fan
Dec 22, 09 1:16am
Thanks again (and again, and again...) for the amazing sig mate, you rock!!! Oh, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!
Audioslave Pompey Fan
Sep 17, 09 10:41pm
Haha, thanks for the co-operating with the banner. Thank you for not forcing me to give you credit as well because it kinda looks bad when you only have a sig hehe.

So I'ma sign your guestbook. Thanks Pompey Fan!
SquallyBalambGirl Pompey Fan
Dec 25, 08 2:48pm

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas
Angel_8889 Pompey Fan
Nov 1, 08 11:55pm
Hey i signed ur questbook, like it! I love dogs and all animals. Got any sims games? I love the sims and all of them. Watbout u? Cya round

Thanks to Starz
DaveyPoshboy Pompey Fan
Oct 30, 08 5:11pm
hey, nice to see someone still doing the PES2008 forums, although I suppose eventually everyone will move across into PES2009 :/

Pompey were unlucky last night weren't they..? was hoping they'd win seen as I hate liverpool. I'm a tottenham fan, it's just I hate that they stole Keano from us. haha

and you play guitar ? pretty coool ( I play as well )..
what sort of stuff do you play, ?
KPmufc Pompey Fan
Oct 10, 08 3:43am
Cheers for the class sig.

Much appreciated.

Credit will be given. Great sig, I'm delighted.

Thanks yet again!!!!

Subaru7 Pompey Fan
Jul 3, 08 9:58pm
Here ya go, a Pompey stamp.

And now, My stamp:
You have been StAmPeD

Kim Hyde Pompey Fan
Jun 28, 08 12:56am
Just wanted to sign your Guestbook to say thanks for the header you made for the interview thread. It's much appreciated, mate.

Thanks a lot!

Angel_8889 Pompey Fan
Jun 24, 08 1:22pm
Sorry bout the last sign on ur questbook, i was rushing thats why theres lots of spelling mistakes! Anyway to you have a stamp? i dont. I cant be bothered o make one. Oh well anyway cya!
Angel_8889 Pompey Fan
Jun 24, 08 1:17pm
Hi im Angel i think were friends, well iadded u anyway. I support liverpool fotty club i aint headrd or pompey or whatever it is. Anyway i live in uk (england) what about u? I like football, rugby, rounders, swimming,netball, basketball and lots more. What about u? please sign my questbook since i very kindely signed yours from Angel88891
TVI Pompey Fan
Dec 20, 07 11:28pm

Merry crimbo and a most joyful new year to you sir!