So it's like 4am where I'm at I'm just laying here, and I started thinking what would Sports Teams in the real wo

I've been gone from the Pokemon Forums and Battling as well for quite some time. I disappeared right after the Fairy Type

I'm borderline crazy
Delete my message & I'll post it again hahaha
Time to be a Poke Trainer is becoming scarce when I have a life ahead of me, possibly fame & my music
23 Notifications in 2 Months & only 2 were because somebody missed me... ;(
The only thing you can be sure of when battling me, is I'll have my Red Gyarados. ;)
One does not simply change signature Pokemon at will. Believe me I've tried...
I'm sick of this shit life...
Starbucks in hand, time to take down some Gym Leaders. ;)
just sittin here wondering where this lifes goin...
OK, im officially bored
I have made 6 dif avatars today, hmu if you want one.
I have the crappiest PC
i have a pice of shit PC...
I'm not easily intimdated...
I've never understood why random users add me...
I like to keep it real to an extent. I'm not gonna change the way I act for auth. I'm not two faced
No matter how hard i try, Gyarados will always be my main 'Mon...

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