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Oct 3, 11 12:17am

Please visit Pokemon Masters 4 Ever's website: http://pm4e.spruz.com

We have forums. We have ranks, photo galleries and just about everything

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Aug 31, 11 5:45pm

How many Shiny pokemon have you hatched? I've only hatched a shiny zorua and shiny eevve. What about you guys? My evee is now a shhiny umbreon. And I have a shiny zoroark

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Aug 25, 11 6:56pm

Why do you buy Pokemon games? To be specific I mean what motivates or makes you by pokemon games? I buy them because they give a great deal of adventue.

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Aug 25, 11 6:53pm

Have you ever created a new account because you spelt it wrong? I have(as you can see I created a new account) in my old account I spelt rayquaza wrong. What about you guys
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Aug 25, 11 3:12pm

Ave you ever ignored someone? Or has someone ignored you? Well I've had darkespellcaster ignore me and I've ignored marioorluigi. What about you

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Aug 20, 11 6:35pm
I'm a Pokemon Master

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