crazcraz PokemonMasterManaphy
Jan 06, 09 11:38pm
weve been friends for like, um... well i dont know but we are friends and like i just wana say thank you for being friends with me even though i was only like a neo newbie... lol, well, i better get to the point! lol...
Silver Raikou PokemonMasterManaphy
Jul 31, 08 12:35pm
You're doing great on everything! Plus, you're nice. (Sorry if you didn't understand any of that; I didn't either.)

Sorry, but I don't have a stamp.
look, sorry about the whole friend thing, i'm very very very very very very very VEERRYYY sorry, so, this time i'll ask, wanna be friends? please i only have 1 friend!(Hazel_nut)