Team Hydro Aura PokemonLeader96
Apr 11, 11 8:05am

Soz, you've always been a pro friend who knows his stuff :3 Always good a pogeymanz, and wanting to play haha ;O Your still always fun to talk to, and I hope you never go away! XD So here~ <3

Tf916 PokemonLeader96
Jun 30, 10 4:30am
Your welcome anytime, i am here to help just send me a message if you need help and you have been a very helpful person in the black/white forums.
It has been very 'Ice to meet.
^^^See what I did there^^^
※Insert Flashy Regice Banner※

Pretty cool bloke, fair chilled.

Signed Ice-ikins
Riven PokemonLeader96
Jun 13, 10 4:19am
hey pl if you know alexm or pokeman 2010 im one of theirs friends.well anyway i was wondering if we can be friends. i already add you. fc:2278 9172 4086
Neon Rainbow PokemonLeader96
Jan 5, 10 6:45pm
My rule: If someone stamps me, I stamp 'em back.

~ŋεσŋ яαιŋвσω
Link3342 PokemonLeader96
Apr 4, 09 4:43am
Hey there, PL. You been so nice to me... Or something. Now for ma stamp.

Eee Hee Hee! I'm MIDNA!! AND A PSYCHO!! Eee Hee Hee! (I'm not like Zant. Don't call me crazy. I'm not Midna Either.) I'm LINK!!!