Derpiest Pokémon battle ever with Psyduck. The graphics make everything better in X/Y. I love this game!!
When will X and Y be on the UK eshop exactly?
I'm literally in love with every female in FE: Awakening. Is that bad?
Fire Emblem: Awakening. Hands down <3
3DS XL Fire Emblem Edition + Mario Kart 7 + AC: New Leaf + Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon!
RIP Fahd. One of my closest friends died yesterday...
My body is ready, E3.
*bleep* yea Ni no Kuni finally! なかなか おもしろ ゲーム, その "に の くに"。
Hunter X Hunter is *bleep*ing awesome *_*
ハンタ X ハンタ <3
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
Steins;Gate! Absolutely beautiful!
マッド サイアンチスト! Hououin Kyouma da!
HD Majora's Mask > HD Wind Waker. Wii U needs the kind of dark, gloomy and sad Zelda. Not WW.
HD Majora's Mask > HD Wind Waker.
Far Cry 3 Platinum Trophy yay! (aaand my 1st plat XD)
Far Cry 3 GOTY. Enjoying it so much!

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