Tenshi Pokemon Ball
Mar 06, 07 10:25am
Hey. Well, I have seen you around Pearl, and other places, so I figured I should finally take the time to sign this thing. Look my MSN IM email in my profile if you wanna add it. Anyways, c ya sometime.

King ing Pokemon Ball
Feb 17, 07 5:56pm
Hey dude! Just thought I'd pop on by a sign. Have a good time here on Neoseeker.

Have a stamp, I made it this morning!:

horsejo Pokemon Ball
Feb 13, 07 7:49am

Credit to LatiosLatias for banner!
Yes, thank him. Lol, cool banner!

Lol, just had 2! please sign back!

Taillow Pokemon Ball
Feb 12, 07 11:09am

Crystal Creation Pokemon Ball
Feb 12, 07 12:36am
hey! Soz for deleting my other one but have a more improved stamp. I won't delete it this time:

C ya dude! Pokemon forever...
Lanithro Pokemon Ball
Dec 31, 06 7:16pm
Hey, happy new year dude, i'm going around signing people's GBs to honour the occasion

Plus i thought i'd sign yours because you're a fellow Sunderland liver-atter-person

Well happy new year again! Enjoy 2007!
Born Confused Pokemon Ball
Dec 31, 06 2:03am
Anyone who likes crash must be cool! Have a funny CRASH picture:

Megaman9001 Pokemon Ball
Dec 25, 06 1:42pm

This also counts for your New Years stamp, because I'm a cheap bastard.
Funny_Pillow Pokemon Ball
Dec 24, 06 6:27am
Hi POKEMON BALL! I've seen you around a few of the forums and thought that I'd finally sign your guestbook!

~~P.S. PM me if you want to be Neofriends! =3

Poke Boy19 Pokemon Ball
Dec 17, 06 1:13am
soz bout the messages i was in a bit of a state
im reaaaaaaaaaaaly sorry mate and plz be my m8
im just gonna write some pointless word now cause of the stupid"125 letters"
yusuke123 Pokemon Ball
Dec 17, 06 12:46am
Hi even though I don't know you lol.
I just saw that it was your neo b-day
So Happy Neo B-day haha.

Have a good Christmas.

Thunder850 Pokemon Ball
Dec 16, 06 9:16pm
Hey, I was saying hi! I like your avatar.
Here is my banner:

"Here we go!"
Stuy Pokemon Ball
Dec 16, 06 6:45am
Thanks for the signing. =D

You're the first one to get my new stamp. LoLzZ. You're special, amirite? =]

pet_star_luver Pokemon Ball
Dec 07, 06 10:33am
Hey..thank you for signing my gb a long time ago...sorry I'm just signing your gb now...If you want you can pm me sometime I love to get messages...
Megaman9001 Pokemon Ball
Oct 31, 06 4:56am

This is the story of the Ultimite Nidoking:
One day, a shiny Nidoking decided that he was through with the evil dictator, the Ultimate Shedinja's, reign. He ate the Ultimate Shedinja and then became the Ultimate Nidoking.
Cheater X Pokemon Ball
Oct 30, 06 1:22am
Hey there, I'm signing your guest book (again, I think..)!

This time you're getting a brand new stamp, The Pancake stamp!

Bask in it's presence, look at it's infinite glory!! Sorry, I did not include the parsnips, there was just no room for them.

Anyways, welcome to my Neofamily. It is great to have another Neo-brother.
You're the funniest guy around on Neoseeker too (besides Lumi and James)... but keep being funny and random... cause it's funny. XD

Haha, talk to you through PM/MSN.

God of all saiyans Pokemon Ball
Oct 20, 06 12:15am
Since Weve Been Great Neo Mates Ill Stamp Back Lets Keep In Touch!

[img] http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/3412/animatedavatarbrolykh5.gif[/img]

Jaymess 24 Pokemon Ball
Oct 06, 06 2:13am
Hey dude, glad 2 see you in the forums and really livening things up especially in Crash Bash and Team Racing! Keep postin!
God of all saiyans Pokemon Ball
Oct 02, 06 12:31am
I Know We Dont Know Much About Each Other Yet But I Hope I See You In Forums.

Hope We Can Soon Be Neo Mates.
KingCTTR Pokemon Ball
Oct 01, 06 11:30pm
Congratulations on scoring upto Q3 in the 100 Questions Crash Related thread. Cya round.
BTW giving up CTTR is wrong but still. I don't play it as much. For World Records check my neohome!
lavendarette Pokemon Ball
Aug 31, 06 8:27am

Hey ! Thank you kindly for signing my guestbook, it's really appreciated. Glad to see you like Pokemon, it's the number one priority in my gaming life. Well, here's a stamp with my all time favourite Pokemon..

Um, don't listen to that naught Twilly, you already stamped. Toodles!

Sincerely stamped by..
ShinyLatias Pokemon Ball
Aug 30, 06 10:39pm

You have been stamped by shinylatias!
KingCTTR Pokemon Ball
Aug 23, 06 3:18am
hi your awesome at CTTR my bro. really likes you as competition well ill just be around the CTTR Forums read my PM's and we can chat about CTTR some more. BTW your beat!muhahahahah
Soras Brother Pokemon Ball
Aug 21, 06 2:27am
Hi. I like Pokemon too! If you ever want to talk or be my friend, just send me a PM.

Tseng_Eclipse Pokemon Ball
Aug 09, 06 10:13pm
I have a new stamp, and I'm signing all my Neomates' GB's with it.

Specially for you!