Hey there! I heard that you're the master of hacks and cheats, and I desperately need your help! My friend was telling me about how she hacked her town on City Folk and it seems amazing, so I really want to hack my town on Wild World DSI. Please help me! Pretty please
So, I decided to randomly sign your guestbook. Cool gallery pictures.


P.S. If you can, please sign my guestbook.
Just thought I'd stop by ur guestbook and sign! Trying to get this character up to date!


(Formally Pix)
So you think you can attack me wrong Idea pal. I'm coming to your house and going to break in your door. Just like Triple H did to Randy Orton.

Hey, man. I just felt I should sign your guestbook again. Anyway, happy birthday in 3 days. Here's another stamp.

Lol sorry, I don't have anything for you, but I did promise to sign your guest book, so... yeah... XD

Like you said on my guest book, I'm "attacking" you lol.
HEY THERE, PAL! I'm going to give you a very special stamp. Take it....oh yeah! Now!

You like?
Thank you for the guestbook signing, bla bla bla pokemon, weather, sports.


Just helping you get your first guest book signing. Mabe we can become friend just PM me whenever I try to get on everyday or so.