rdfar90 Pokemon Rocks
Oct 28, 08 6:34am
im from leeds as well

well scary that...

where bouts you from??

and would you be able to get me some pokemon please??
pheonixcio Pokemon Rocks
Nov 29, 07 11:16pm
hi i'm pheonixcia. i would like to know if you would like to become one of my friends. by the way i also own pokemon mystery dugeon red rescue team.
Swampert X Pokemon Rocks
May 8, 07 12:36am
hi... I want to wish you good luck with your trainer cards... they only need some more... (hmmm... how will I say this???) *thinking really hard* ahhh... they need some more clearity... the ones I saw were faded... good luck...


P.S. have a chill time though...
Kent Pokemon Rocks
Apr 8, 07 3:06am
[quote]Hello and I hope you enjoy the generator, You can add me to your friend list too. it doesn't matter.