KillJoy Pokeman Master
Sep 6, 09 6:51pm

Happy! xD
And so I need 125 so...LOL Your dick is on myspace! xD
Gliscor19 Pokeman Master
Jul 14, 09 6:37pm
heh heh, this be my new stamp i just made, hope you like it...also thank ye much for the sign, means a lot to me...also i like your am tasty! *chomps down and noms your head.*
Gliscor19 Pokeman Master
Jul 13, 09 7:13am
thank ye sir the welcome...and yes, darkrai is cool...I named mine Charlie for no apparent reason, lawl...He fell in love with me in less than hour and half. I've yet to train my Arceus, though...hard to decide what type he should be.
zapper111 Pokeman Master
Jan 17, 09 11:16pm
hey i read your bio lmao that was funny well you said you needed more signatures so here you go sign mine i probably only have like four im gonna go check now well bye:)
shrimp rock Pokeman Master
Mar 24, 08 9:37am
I saw you in the DBZ tenkitchi 3 forum and your sig told me to sign so I am signing. I would have a stamp but I lost it. See you around.

-Shrimp Rock-

Liliana Pokeman Master
Mar 1, 08 7:15pm

Sorry if you don't like it. This is an early stamp I made.
Simon1987 Pokeman Master
Mar 1, 08 4:00am
You asked i signed.

Im pretty sure i got some items from you. They was a great help. Thank you. Erm, im not sure what else to write lol. So i guess ill leave it at this for now. So thanks for the items. And ill catch up with you somewhere else on Neo.
Remino52 Pokeman Master
Feb 22, 08 5:20am
Hello.I just wanted to sign your guest book.BTW do you actually mind if I am your friend.Ohh enjoy these two gods of hoenn!Sign back.Tootles
pokemon3948 Pokeman Master
Feb 21, 08 8:49pm
Heyy buddy were neoseekers foreva until one of us get over pokemon well addios

Farmboy90 Pokeman Master
Feb 16, 08 6:49am
just wanted to say you're a tough battler. you are thou skilled my friend, also you're M.O.H clan is really nice too

p.s I like pudding too, but only chocolate

Mikez2605 Pokeman Master
Feb 9, 08 1:50pm
Just wanted to sign your guestbook, and say how nice you are so i thought id do this for you
Anyways, look after america and i'll see you around the pokemon forums
And heres my mascot!

See you aorund!
Your Fellow Co-leader of Master of Hoenn, and Leader Of The Myst (W00T FOR WEREWOLVES )
Pokemon master Pokeman Master
Feb 5, 08 9:52pm
hey hey hey hey hey hey

Its The Other You.


Well Gl ON NEO POKEMAN WWw00w0w0w0w0wwwuuuuuuuuvn vb bnnf fgnfgfngfnfgnffn fdb d- Charcter Requirement
WolfofSorrow Pokeman Master
Feb 1, 08 3:07am
Stamp right back at you

I think I have the cooler stamp!
Boo Pokeman Master
Jan 27, 08 6:21pm
Your welcome for the stamp, I enjoy making stuff. Here have a stamp:

And an actual stamp too:
WolfofSorrow Pokeman Master
Nov 1, 07 1:25pm
I hope you enjoy the celebi avatatar that I gave you! I hope we can be good friends for a long time! Well, until next time, see yah!