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Boom, Boom, Shake The ROOM!

Hey guys, Pokegg here. It's my first blog post ever so don't blame me if it sucks :( But it will get better over time ^_^

So guys for me it's almost been 6 months of solid Neo fun. I've met someone wonderful people here, increased my meager event collection, become better at battling, and had an awesome time. (I sound like I'm leaving, but I doubt I'll be leaving for a while, I'm hooked basically :P)

So now the holidays are coming up soon, and I'm hoping to spend more time chilling out here on Neo. Pokemon Black and White (not Shite! :D) should be realeased sometime before my holidays end. I've had a tough year at school, my grades seem to be dropping (hopefully not due to time spend on Neo :D), but aside from that nothing much else.

Later guys...

Bye Bye Latias, Oh no Salamence


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