Currently ADDICTED to Pokemon X. What is life other than this game...?
I love Pokemon X!!! ^_^
It's not about the size of the man in the fight but the size of the fight in the man.
I couldn't take it... I'm back, hello Neo!
Goodbye, thanks for everything! <3
On Extra in Return to Dreamland! Buy it now. NOW!!!
8) You were a great man Jeevs
Wait, What?! Jeevs left?! NOOOOOO!!!! D:
is a victim to the king of trolls, Jeevs
School started.... D: Another whole year of homework...
Just enjoying summer until school starts up. D:

My friend used the x200 Exp AR code. Does that make the pokemon he used it on, (Togekiss and Dragonite) hacks? Just wondering and thanks!


ds gaming related
Beat Elite 4 over 70 times without using Action Replay, hacks, or level 100s!! XD PokemonDiamond DS
Yay, wifi finnaly works at home!! Ready for some major PKMN trading! PM or respond with any offers.
wishes his Wi-Fi worked with his DS games.
's school just started..*sigh* Here we go again....
Also a really fun MP game! MarioParty7 GC
A really fun Mario Party game! MarioParty8 Wii

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