Hey, i'm just looking for a male Dratini with Extremespeed. I don't need any specific Natures, or Iv's, I ju

Withhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FJEyj6ctTQ video clip, at the 19 second to 20 second mark, you can see berry trees. I m

Ok, I recently watched the Pokemon Origin Special, and I decided I _really_ want Charizardite X, and also Mewtwonite X, as

Hi there, I have on offer a Shiny Skrelp. I don't know how to work out Iv's, so if someone could get that to me, that

I've been noticing everyone (not really, but it feels like it) has obtained great success with Chain-Fishing, so much s

ralts 31/15/15/20/30/25, nidoran 19/15/25/26/25/15, hp/atk/def/sp.atk/sp.def/spd
Roost, U-turn-Xscissor, bullet punch, Brick Break. EV'S 244 HP / 20 Atk / 76 Def / 168 SpD, Ability Technician, nature careful.
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