Hey Neoseeker.

A lot of you are sad, angry, happy, or indifferent of my death and frequent reincarnation. Sorry about that, I just like Buddhism and suicide.

Anyway, I think after about a year of death I might as well come back, considering I have nothing else to do. So I did. As Zerevor, if you're interested. But, even after a little over a month of Zerevor, people have found out. Not that it was any major secret, of course. Anyway, I'm here to explain why. If you find my reason to be a load of bullshit, I share your feelings. I wish I hadn't done it, or at least have thought it out a bit more.

I started out as PokeSplicer, and eagerly participated in the Pokemon forums. After growing bored of the series, I moved on to other forums, but was somewhat ridiculed for my name. Not a fan of that, nor of my rather noobish past, I made a new account and decided to go out with a bang on Splicer. Why? I don't know, in hindsight. But that's not the point. After that, I went on The Shadow Sun, but was quickly discovered due to a few poorly-thought-out moves with friends. So, silently abandoning The Shadow Sun, I went to The Forsaken One which was discovered in the exact same way. Then, waiting about two months, I made Smut and kept completely anonymous. After a while, I was found out due to me acting like Splicer and The Forsaken One and The Shadow Sun and all that. I was then perma'd for about three months, and then Keiichi released me on sixty days' probation and a new account.

That's it.