PokeMasterStar100 blogged
Mar 23, 12 8:55pm

Do you know me?

Ok, so basically, do this:

0 NO

I dunno if it'll be considered spam er not, but oh well, it a blog. So, if someone said '1 YES 0 NO' then the next would add-on: '1 YES 1 NO'.

[super sonic Re-do your thread here]

PokeMasterStar100 blogged
Mar 22, 12 11:32pm

Ok, I have a lizard called Angel, she is a South American lizard called an Anole (uh-nole-ee). She is dying because of dehydration, but she's had water and not as much food, but they usually can go months without food. Does anyone know what's wrong?

Also, she's a fighter. I've seen her starting to move around and maybe eat, but she could still... but wait,

Angels can't die!

Oh, yea, what's yer fave eeveelution? Mine is Umbreon!

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