Pokémon is so awesome... But real life is a bit more intrigueing.
I'll [i]never[/i] stop! My Pokémon are levels 20, 9, 37, 29, 29, and 28. Supah Sonic, I'm trainin'!
Supah Sonic's rivalry with me is endless! We battle day or night!
is currently finishing my first PokeFiction.
Yay! I'm Zero! (Long Story)
I have a crush... and guess what? You'll never know.
Guess what? You'll know in N's Plight when Me and Eon80 officially release it.
Poor N. What Ghetsis did has scarred him for life. How do we stop this?
~Never let your faqvorite things go; they may be friends, shows, items; you decide, and you keep, them close.~
N... your father may have hurt you... but you must learn to get over that and trust once more. Even if it's only Pokemon.
Life is not an illusion. It is real.
Does the long road of life really lead to greatness? Or is it a scam; an illusion to keep you going?

What'sit toya.


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