Jun 29, 15 5:55am
I'll be on a little break for a few days, see ya in a bit.
Jun 24, 15 7:15pm
And for the first time in forever, I got a game for my PS4.
Murderer PokeManiacY
Jun 24, 15 12:20am
wut up with the new profile pic XD
Jun 13, 15 1:11am
Sometime in the future, google will control the world of electronic devices.
BIRO PokeManiacY
Jun 12, 15 12:05pm
Definition of Maniacy: That moment when all hope is lost. Maniacal and Lunacy, running ramped -You're the Jamanji stampede gone Pokemon. O.O
Jun 11, 15 8:12pm
"Tough words, but you only got money to back it up, and you can't save this city with money kid." - "I don't know, I've got a lot of money."
May 26, 15 12:48am
Finals start tomorrow, wish me luck.
Guildarts PokeManiacY
May 15, 15 3:20am
I got anny oras items you need hit me up i could give you anny you would like bro PokeManiacY
PokeManiacY shared a forum thread
May 09, 15 4:10am

I'm not certain as to the views or stereotypes roaming around on these, as I myself have changed my opinions on them a co

May 06, 15 9:22pm
Finally reached one of my favorite forum ranks.
Murderer PokeManiacY
Apr 24, 15 8:25am
Did you make your avatar brighter?
Apr 23, 15 8:10pm
I'm writing a novel.
Murderer PokeManiacY
Apr 19, 15 8:48pm
So can you join the clan? :p
PokeManiacY shared a forum thread
Apr 18, 15 4:01am

!Better late than never! --Quote PokeManiacY | Edited-- Well I can tell you that it was pretty damn awesome. Going int

Murderer PokeManiacY
Mar 31, 15 10:23pm
What were you suppose to tell me?

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