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Oct 10, 15 2:41am
Got a new laptop and I am quite excited, to say the least.


The core of the G Series, the GL551 gives you the best blend of mobility and power with a 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) display.

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Sep 29, 15 11:43pm


http://www.wallstock.fr/cache/dessins/mangas/one-piece-logo-1366x768_650.jpg Hey mateys, and welcome to this RP, _One Piec

Sep 21, 15 7:48pm
5K posts np
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Sep 07, 15 11:58pm


_If you were expecting formalities, I’ll not regret to disappoint you, you will find none here. This is now all out war

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Sep 03, 15 6:32am


https://lh5.ggpht.com/lBVMoMptNXg8W9lLM8SObNE5c1OoACATpQak5IinAGiwTJTZfO7eCOpxWeqoSCaAvV_P=w300 Different areas. Different

Sep 01, 15 6:27pm
Blue_Mew PokeManiacY
Aug 03, 15 1:56pm
This is like the third time I randomly stumbled across your profile today. I decided I should leave an emoticon. ._.
Murderer PokeManiacY
Jul 21, 15 5:04pm
where ye at m8 ur bout to get kicked from za mafia... and you steal owe me a sea...
Blue_Mew PokeManiacY
Jul 12, 15 7:20am
tSuKiShIrO is g@y for you.
Jul 10, 15 7:56pm
Sorry to anyone that I haven't replied to when I should have, really had no time to do so. Apologies, will be back soon.
Jun 29, 15 5:55am
I'll be on a little break for a few days, see ya in a bit.
Jun 24, 15 7:15pm
And for the first time in forever, I got a game for my PS4.
Murderer PokeManiacY
Jun 24, 15 12:20am
wut up with the new profile pic XD
Jun 13, 15 1:11am
Sometime in the future, google will control the world of electronic devices.
BIRO PokeManiacY
Jun 12, 15 12:05pm
Definition of Maniacy: That moment when all hope is lost. Maniacal and Lunacy, running ramped -You're the Jamanji stampede gone Pokemon. O.O
Jun 11, 15 8:12pm
"Tough words, but you only got money to back it up, and you can't save this city with money kid." - "I don't know, I've got a lot of money."
May 26, 15 12:48am
Finals start tomorrow, wish me luck.
Guildarts PokeManiacY
May 15, 15 3:20am
I got anny oras items you need hit me up i could give you anny you would like bro PokeManiacY

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