Did you make your avatar brighter?
I'm writing a novel.
So can you join the clan? :p

!Better late than never! --Quote PokeManiacY | Edited-- Well I can tell you that it was pretty damn awesome. Going int

What were you suppose to tell me?
I will probably have very limited activity over the next week.
Next time they post new mods, you are going to be one of them >>
I think I am going to spam you next c:
You need to change your birthday to January 1st so when a new year comes you'll be the correct age.
Let's go bust a bunch of peeps in the sphenoid and play Golf with their eyeballs + Yeti coolers whilst wearing Groucho glasses & Pink UGG's.
I just realized that I haven't changed my profile background ever since I joined Neo.
What do you want for your 5000 posts party? ;)
PokeManiacY added Stewie as a friend
How Interesting. Do Dream Ecstasies Near - My Entrance? So Shall A Gloomy night would it be in the End.

Test your typing speed speed with this cool game, and post some results. http://phoboslab.org/ztype/ I've not had a

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