Resident Neo, always liked the sound of that.

- PS: If the mods see it that this thread would have little benefit to the community, or that it should receive appropriate p

I simply can't live without my watch, I tend to look at it too much, I always like to know the time, and since I have qui

How do you usually type, on your phone or PC, do you use one hand or two hands. Would you consider yourself a fast typist? Wo

I've played the ORAS demo for a maximum of 25 mins total time, only cleared that thing 9 times now, I'm losing my edge. ;(
Downloading Pokemon ORAS demo. :>
Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to go to my neo page and re-read the 100+ post status chats I had with my friends. I still remember.
18 players chosen out of 80, two stage selection spanning two stay out's in two days. I managed to pass my school's soccer team selection.

Ah, the sheer bad luck of having prior plans, that seem to clash with something that you have to do, plans with friends, plan

Are you constently editing your profile? (what are you changing there bud? cx )

So yeah, I kind of made an beta version of what I'd like to be my final team, I'd like your opinions, any suggestions

So yeah, funny thing is, I sometimes find myself walking in public and I end up actually overhearing random people speaking.

The old PokeManiac is dead welcome the second Maniac, don't worry he's not an old man this time.
New username, deep. .-.
Who are you and what did you do with pokemaniac_Y?!
I have a cold. :( I'm officially, cool now. :shifty-still works:
My brother just came home and gave me a thousand yen! Awesomest bro ever.

As the title asks, how do you wear your Headphones and what kind do you wear, earphones, headsets or do you go around with

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