Should I or Should I not?

ok i want your opinion on this.
a couple days ago i was playin on my dsi in my room durring school ( im home schooled) and i kinda toss my ds under my bed for safty when my mom passes by. 2 stupid things. 1, my mom didnt pass by. 2, i scraped the top of my ds. easy fix. lick my finger and wipe the scrape off. when i opened my ds the top lcd screen was cracked and is as im typin this on my broken ds. i looked into gettin it fixed and found this official nintendo repair site. i can pay like $7 to get a replacement screen or i can pay $60 and have them do it for me. not just 1 thing but multiple. when i get the money im gonna have them replace screen, fix a hack i got in my system memory and (heres where i need help) i can get a new color/shell. i have a black 1 now. i have a friend w/ a black and brother w/ white one... new shell or no? itll be a year i've had it the 27th of november...


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shayne Nov 18, 11
nah man, just buy a 3ds. problem solved ;w;
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