doing some summer school... this sucks!

its that time of year again! thanksgiving! 1 of the 2 days outta the year when its ok to eat like a fat-ass! but for some reason im just not in the holiday spirit. :( i know its the holidays but im not happy. im kinda sad and bored. sad bcz i dont have a special person to spend the day with. bored bcz my siss bf and parents are comin this year. hes a douche. nobody likes him. yet hes comin to thanksgiving. like last year, the day will come and pass and nothin grand will have happened that ill remeber it by... same with x-mas... i am a little depressed i guess... :( [/rant]



ok i want your opinion on this.
a couple days ago i was playin on my dsi in my room durring school ( im home schooled) and i kinda toss my ds under my bed for safty when my mom passes by. 2 stupid things. 1, my mom didnt pass by. 2, i scraped the top of my ds. easy fix. lick my finger and wipe the scrape off. when i opened my ds the top lcd screen was cracked and is as im typin this on my broken ds. i looked into gettin it fixed and found this official nintendo repair site. i can pay like $7 to get a replacement screen or i can pay $60 and have them do it for me. not just 1 thing but multiple. when i get the money im gonna have them replace screen, fix a hack i got in my system memory and (heres where i need help) i can get a new color/shell. i have a black 1 now. i have a friend w/ a black and brother w/ white one... new shell or no? itll be a year i've had it the 27th of november...


damn i have a 2-3 paper i need to write by friday. i gots to write about Chile. i took a writing class last year, but i still have troubles sometimes... it sucks... who knew that their architecture looks like america's. XD

final fantasy musingsthoughts

After reading shaaaaaaaaynee's post, i wanted to do kinda the same thing. so here it is.
ill be starting in 2007 when i moved to Indiana. i was a preacher's kid growing up. my dad preached at a small church in Ohio. i loved it there then, but looking back i would /kill/ to get outta that place. the town was small. i was always a good kid then. when i moved i broke away from alot of thing i grew up with. i listed to secular music which really pised of my parents. after a while i started making friends in the neighborhood. we were tight. they moved not too long after that summer. durring the next year, i did alot of things im not pround of, so i wont mention them. that got me in big trouble. durring all this i was breaking off of what my parents believed religiously. after the "bad year," i cleaned up and started getting intrested in girls. boy was i in for it. i live in a ghetto town. its not cool. no hot girls! lol. the place i found my first crush was at camp. the kind of girls i liked went to that camp as well so it went well. i liked them they liked me. that was 2009. over the next year, i started breaking off of my parents more... they werent happy. i somehow made it through that year. in 2010, i was looking forward to camp again. oh how much fun i had that year. i took a hip-hop class that year. i was the only guy in it... moving on. later that year , i was (and still is) in total rebelion from my parents. its been rough year but i always have my brothar who's willing to talk anytime. he has been one of my idols for a while. also that year i joined... wait for it can ya guess? Gamefaqs! not what you were expecting were you? i also joined neo too. i used gf more that year. after getting banned, i started here in the pokemon trading forum. i have been here and will stay here for a long time. (i hope!)
i hope you like reading about me. if you want to here more in certian parts of the story, drop me a pm. ;)


final fantasy musingsthoughts

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