On the Run, a fanfic by Blazing Tempest, has been reviewed!
The Adventures of Swampert and Skittles: PokeMod Hunters, a fanfic by Swampert X and Rayce, has been reviewed!!1!
Cinders and Ash, a comic by Shiny, has been reviewed!!1!
[A]bsolutely, a comic by Team Hydro Aura, has been reviewed!
The Great Migration, a fanfic by Lizz, has been reviewed. Members under 200 posts can't do links in status' anymore, yay.
A review team spot has opened up. Check the thread on Pokefiction for more details.
Pokemon A Threat Against Humanity, a comic by Shiny, has been reviewed. http://neo.ly/10T2Zs5
Advent of Dark Arceus, a comic by w111j have been reviewed. GM still can't do links.
Umbra, a fanfiction by VarietyBlack, has been reviewed! http://neo.ly/10xUuB4
Quest Panic Revolution, a comic by neffoneR, has been reviewed! http://neo.ly/12jvZLW
Guitarman91 sucks with making these status'. Quest Panic Revolution has been reviewed and a proper status for it will be up later.
Quest Panic Revolution, a comic by neffoneR has been reviewed!
Iron Fist, a fanfiction by GuitarMan91, has been reviewed! http://neo.ly/11h2cSB
Vast's Awesome Adventure, a comic by Vast, has been reviewed! http://neo.ly/Y0KlCC

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