Laika PoKeNerd
Dec 11, 10 4:38am
Well it's that time of year again.

Have a great holiday!
Phoenix PoKeNerd
Nov 8, 10 7:21am
My various sexual advances have failed so I thought signing your guestbook would be a much more romantic gesture.

You are the light of my world, the butane in my lighter, the cloud that sails me to new heights.

Just wanted you to know.

~ Phoenix.
Laika PoKeNerd
Nov 5, 10 12:07am

You've been stamped by... me! Hope you like the stamp. And the banner, I'll pm the code soon.
Pokenerd15 PoKeNerd
Nov 3, 10 11:34pm
Nice to see that we both have to same name. Rock on dude. Thanks for the advice for becoming a Wiki contributer. See ya around
Kintero PoKeNerd
Nov 3, 10 3:27am
whats up, so you wanted me to sign this what should I put ? This thing keeps tell n me its to short. I guess i could just copy and paste something on here lol.
Stitch PoKeNerd
Nov 3, 10 3:19am
Well, here's me signing your guestbook.

Well, there ya go.

Have a nice day.