Hey, Thanks 4 signing my guestbook .

I dont know who ur favorite character so I put Sonic in super form

Hi friend, thanks for signing my GB! Returning the favor! stay connected~~
Hi there!^-^You seem to be good friends with my cosin so I want to stamp ur book =D


I don't have any stamps so...

"I am at my limit, I have no choice but to adapt a Sonic quote and fire the first the first picture of my neohomepages fleet"

"CHHHAAARRGGGEE, your light arrow"

On a sidenote I don't make use of PM unless there is something rather important to take care of (so there is no real point in the Neofriend stuff since if I remember correctly that's just for PMing convenience isn't it, thanks for the offer though it is very well appreciated). Keep in mind I read every PM I receive though (I tend not to respond) so if you feel like informing me of something important to the forums shoot away (just not at the face).

Incase your wondering that's because my parents worry about internet stalking and what not (you know the one in one-billion stuff).

Also incase your rather bored and would like to hear a style of music you probable never have, heres an Irish Ballad
Hey dude, wanted to sign your GuestBook coz you're one of the few decent people in Loungin -_-'' So here's to you, my new pal

Dunno if you like Naruto but just in case you do...XD
Hey your getting stamped!!!You wanna know by who?By
w00t Sonic and Mina:D

Me as a hedgie:3
Okay your stamped.Now to find out what happens when you split your sides laughing^_^

Like the stamp you gave me, so hopefully you like this one.

Hope to see you in more of the threads I visit.
Well, I don't have a stamp, so uh, have some office utilities.

~Neoseekers Furry Little Buddha~
Wuzzaby. It's me Ghost.X! Just signing your guest book XD!
Now for my catch phrases: Wuzaby! XD! ALIBIBIDAK! Hio Chang! ITSDAHBOOTY!
in the SHTH threads, you really can put up a good arguement. you are a worthy opponent after all! well, here!


please sign back to the guestbook of...
Here's your second sig on your guestbook, congrats!

~Justin Time

P.S. I am too cool for stamps...
Hi dude how you doing?
Enjoy my stamp. Please sign back!

Hey! The title say's it ALL! I appreciate a guy who has a sig SO eye-catching, I just HAVE to stop and OOZE-DROOL EVERY time U post! See U LATER! Plz SIGN BCK to the G-Book of,