well, i bassicaly sed this stuff in my interes, i dont know how to describe myself, im funny, i gues.. IM me plz: papadouDJH.


I love playing video games and trying to find stuff out about sns. i like dogs, the color blue, streetracind, strawbeery daquiriis and all things electronic.heres my sad story:
ok. i got bk when it first came out, and in woggys cave i saw the ice key.and i saw the door in the desert. i went online to see what they were used for and it sed they were in the next game. so when bt came out i got it. so by now lots of ppl no about s and s. i got the cheats and did them, and for about a month later i searched every bk-bt, gameshark, nintendo and rareware website and found nuthing, that was 1999-2002. now its 2004, 1-9-04 to be exact,. i figured by now they'd've found so if anyone finds anything out(something that isnt already posted somewhere) then PLEASE EMAIL ME..PLEASE. and make sure i know what your emailing me about.
contact at
if your email looks suspicous, ill delete it and send you hate mail for many a-year.
p.s. visit my website=
p.p.s i know i speld alot rong.


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