I'm Jill.
Formerly known as JiLL_tHe_ViDeO_gAmEr.
Then known as Arsenic Syringes.
I've been on Neo over four years, so if you don't know me by now then you shouldn't even be reading my bio.
But feel free to PM/IM me.

Usually, I can be seen around the RP forum, where I've been writing for around four years now. I've met some of my best Neo friends there, and it's made me the great writer I am today.

Other than that, I've been hanging around Photography lately. Although it's a bit slow-moving, it's great to see how much effort people put in such great pictures, and I love sharing my own.

I have a boyfriend, and we've been together since September 21st, 2005. His name is Ryan, and he recently joined Neo as Murder Fantasy. I love this kid with everything I've got, and I've been so friggen happy that I can't even put it into words.

I've also met a bunch of people on this site that'll probably be my friends as long as I stay here. If I don't mention you, dont're probably nit important enough.

(in no particular order)
Norad 2
Homunculus Lover
Irish_Gamer (we miss you, come back!)

With all that said, don't be confused, I DO have a real life, so don't think I'm a Neo addict like the rest of you. :P


In the middle of America
Six cylinders will take us further than any president
The same promises that we forgot the last time
There's no difference between staying and a bullet in the head

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Aug 11, 2006

The Fire Emblem series will always be a classic, and The Sacred Stones (TSS) will just add to that. First, there is the fact that the game seems very welcoming to beginners. The Tutorial Mode helps new players with their first few missions to...

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