May 11, 12 2:55am
If I'm not on, I'm probably off saving the world. Just an fyi.
Pixiechix13 blogged
Jul 4, 09 2:41am

My game, Drawn to Life isn't working..
The game looks fine, nothing seriously wrong with it.

But every time I put it in the slot, and turn on my DS, it says there isn't a game in the slot.


Any ideas what's going on?

ds gaming related
Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 28, 09 9:04am

I just made a XFire account!

I posted it on my profile, so you guys can see what I'm up to on
there, too!


Well thought I'd let you all know!

web development neoseeker related gaming related
Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 28, 09 12:38am

ESTHER LUFTSPRING <davidlw@rogers.com>

I got an email from this person on yahoo.
I also got 3 messages from her.

Neoseeker is the only website that I revealed my "Pixiechix_13@yahoo.com" email address to. So I'm guessing you're on here. If you are, would you mind commenting to me? Or if you're friends with me, PMing me?

LoL, just wondering.

Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 27, 09 11:59pm

I repeat, BLAGCH!

Would you like to know why I say, "Blagch!"?
Because I just tried eating a Grapefruit!

And I don't like it!!!
I repeat...

LoL, i'm bored so I thought I'd share this..

Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 27, 09 11:12am

This is a movie by Selena Gomez..
I never watched it, so I rented it tonight..
and well...



Thought I'd let you guys know
tee hee..

Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 27, 09 1:30am

No, not the shoes!
Actually, it's what I've been doing!

You see, my account Pixiechix13 was having problems, and I wasn't able to do certain things on my profile, or forums.

So I made the account "Randomness", so I would continue to post and other things. Well today, I found out that, apparently, Neoseeker fixed my account! So I'm back on with Pixiechix13!!!


neoseeker related
Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 25, 09 8:19am

My DS charger isn't working. I've checked it over, everywhere possible, and I can't seem to find anything wrong with it.

If I can't get it working soon, I'll have to buy a new one, and I honestly don't want to have to go and get a new one.

Any ideas on what's wrong with it?

Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 24, 09 7:06am


My grandma was in the hospital today. She was there because of over stress at work, and couldn't take it anymore. She works at National, a place that provides equipment for "Stanley". So she is over a heater, that's burning hot, in a metal building. She was having lack of sleep too. She's a bit better now. She got to go home, but the doctor wants to see her in two months.

If there are any other fellow believers of Christ here on Neoseeker, please pray for my grandma, just to be on the safe side :)

World of Warcraft,

I'm thinking about playing after I finish stuff up here on Neoseeker.
Not sure though, I'm kinda having fun right now :D

Pixiechix13 blogged
Jun 23, 09 2:04am

Title doesn't make sense I know, but that's all of the things that have happened to me today! LoL

First of,


I actually decided to put some color into my clothing today. Not saying I don't normally do that, but today I guess I just threw in a little extra!


It's funny actually. This morning, when I woke up, my mom's little kitten, Salem, was snuggled next to me in bed. I stared at him for a couple minutes, (just for the fact that he hardly sleeps with me) and because I stared at him, I started rapidly blinking. He then tryed to attack my eyelashes, as if they were a toy lol.

Mtn. Dew:

This last one is just because my mom bought the new World of Warcraft mountain dew things. Alliance, and Horde!

They actually kinda taste pretty good, right now I'm drinking Alliance :D

Nov 6, 08 4:36pm
Really fun game. NewSuperMarioBros


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