...i'm clearly rather bad at staying around...
http://bit.ly/1x26jTp y'all need to go watch this :P
uhhhhh wut even happened while i was gone? (not saying im staying...)
does the universe not want me to be happy or something? it always seems to ruin things when i'm actually starting to feel better...
happy 50th birthday doctor who :D
finally legal! happy halloween everyone!
shit happens
im the chosen wretched and divine. i am unspoken the one they left behind. fearless fight until we die. i am broken the wretched and devine
if we stand together we will be unbroken
mayday parade <3
what is this happy that people speak of... i do not know of this feeling anymore /:
........wtf is this shit? no neo you are not allowed to become facebook. i already have that.
go into the library to pick out ONE movie for a night with my sister.. leave with an extra 4 movies to watch later.. all of which are disney
life and everyone in it can just *bleep* off.
i am sherlocked
i wonder what would happen if i put the time vortex on full screen, looped it, and stared at it for awhile...
Tick tock goes the clock he cradled and he rocked her. Tick tock goes the clock even for the doctor...

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