luffyluffy Piplupgal
Mar 07, 08 7:10am
Restamping everybody who stamped me!

You'll be good with some carrots >.>
Mohamadito Piplupgal
Mar 01, 08 4:52am
Hi,thanks for signing my Gb and now I'll stamp yours!

Stamped!Also thanks for joining my clan!
Miss Fortune Piplupgal
Feb 21, 08 1:16am
How yeah doin bud? Have a great time on neoseeker!!!!!
luroberto Piplupgal
Dec 26, 07 9:22am
merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas!
(is that 100 letters?)
MonsterDesire Piplupgal
Nov 25, 07 12:07pm
"Hey long time =]" im glad to see your O.K. i made a new clan you can PM me if you wanna learn more about it =]

Im super duper bored hope you had a great thanks giving =] and i hope you have a great christmas too.
Rabsh Piplupgal
Nov 10, 07 2:36am
hah, no worries!
now im making a new GB stamp...
PM me and tell me what you think

its not finished yet.. but what do you think??
Rabsh Piplupgal
Nov 09, 07 4:22pm
im signing
as you can probably see

now i hope you like it
or ill be feeling stupid

sighed by,
Princess Midna Piplupgal
Oct 14, 07 2:03pm
I love the legend of Zelda

best video game series ever

neways thx for signing

Glasswind Piplupgal
Sep 29, 07 9:44pm
I don't know you, but I like your stamps so please sign back.

Fluidity Piplupgal
Sep 16, 07 1:28am
I'm your best friend's friend? Who would your best friend be? x]

Don't mind the name on the stamp. I have to get that fixed. XD
Knightmare Zero Piplupgal
Sep 16, 07 12:01am
Yeah, I'm just signing back since you signed my guestbook and all.

You seem like a really nice person as well.

See you in the forums! =)
ChocoChocoTime Piplupgal
Sep 04, 07 4:03am
Just signin back. Sorry about the lack of graphic, I just was lazy. I'll try to get one next time I sign Anyway, Happy gaming!

Pokemonnerd8985 Piplupgal
Sep 02, 07 11:09pm
Just Wanted to say Hi!!! And Give you another Yes another Signing!!!

Well Hope you like it!

Well cya on Animal Crossing Wild World!

luroberto Piplupgal
Aug 30, 07 2:29am
thanks for the great time on animal crossing! you HAVE to give me your pokemon diamond fc! that would rock socks! i would give you a fancey stamp but i dont have one

Pokemonnerd8985 Piplupgal
Aug 01, 07 1:20am
on bein a very good trainer and raising ur pokemon with love and respect

we will battle again one day

your a very good trainer
Dark Dom Piplupgal
Jul 30, 07 3:28pm
Because you're new, I shall be the first to sign your guestbook!
I don't have a shiny stamp, soo....