Pinkie Pie
Apr 10, 12 8:23pm
Leaving Neoseeker. Almost all my pony friends are gone. What's the point being here if you don't have friends?

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Zoroark Apr 11, 12
Pinkie, no. Don't you dare. Honestly, if you leave, I'll probably come close to breaking down. You've honestly brightened my day in that PM thread every day for the past month, if not more. IF NOT MORE.
You've forgotten that Luna's still here, and every single member of that PM thread is your friend. Don't you *derp*ing forget it. And don't you *derp*ing leave. Ever, preferably. I hope you understand.

I don't care who can read this, but you aren't accepting PMs. I don't care who's alt you are, even if you ARE an alt, because it truly doesn't matter. You've somehow become one of by best friends on this site, and by leaving, you crush that.

If you do decide to leave, in the end... I hope you come back, and I want you to know that you won't be forgotten.

Your good friend Nick, and his companion, Princess Luna Moriarty.
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Gilda Apr 11, 12
Don't you quit. Don't you dare quit.

So a couple of your pony pals that you barely hang out with left you. I lost one of my best friends, and, in fact, I lost her because of you.

But did I drop everything? No, I didn't. I was depressed as *bleep*, but I didn't give up on my life. I took it by the balls, smashed some windows, and got my blood boiling again.

I still... maybe I still miss Dash a little, but I put it behind me and I'm the same badass as I ever was.

You get back on your profile, you change your status, and you get your ass back to making people happy. If I could beat this, you sure as shit can.

I don't care about you, I just hate a quitter.