Pinkie Pie
Feb 7, 13 3:43pm
Pinkie Pie
Apr 10, 12 8:23pm
Leaving Neoseeker. Almost all my pony friends are gone. What's the point being here if you don't have friends?
Pinkie Pie
Jan 7, 12 8:30pm
decided to wait awhile before trying to get unbanned. Sorry.
Pinkie Pie
Nov 20, 11 5:47pm
might try for an unban soon. What do you think, Ponyseeker?
Pinkie Pie
Oct 23, 11 10:47am
is a chicken. Ba-BAWK!
Pinkie Pie
Aug 18, 11 12:38pm
got permabanned. She doesn't understand why. What did she do wrong?
Pinkie Pie
Jul 4, 11 12:38am
is currently working on shenanigans for Season 2.

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