great game and superb single and multiplayer online. the storyline is amazing! CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare PS3
fun for the first week or so. it could be really fun if you had weekly 'rock band parties' but unless your not playing solo, its kind of... RockBand PS3
keeps my brain from going soft :) excellent game BrainAge2MoreTrainingInMinutesADay DS
excellent war-type game for people who enjoy airfighter games. you need patience to play. AceCombat6FiresOfLiberation X360
annoying and a bad buy. nothing like the sims at all and horrible graphics SimCityCreator DS
much easier on both single and multiplayer compared to cod4 CallOfDutyWorldAtWar PS3
amazing baseball game that keeps you going until the final game. took a while to beat, but its great and a lot of fun during baseball... TheBIGS PSP
more of a guy's game. there's a lot of 'suggestive' things which makes me not want to play it so much... lol GrandTheftAuto4 PS3
this game is a classic turned 21st century. challenging and also really fun with two people in multiplayer NewSuperMarioBros DS
great simulation and two player 'bark mode' is cool NintendogsChihuahuaandFriends DS
one of my favorite games. if you have wifi pm me and we can exchange codes! AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
very challenging at some points, but very easy. good pokemon game, though PokemonDiamond DS
good game and excellent storyline. its a great fantasy game. Halo3 X360
fun, but it's a lot more fun with another person MarioKartDS DS

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