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  • "Can't believe Romeo survived that Gravity Hammer blow! He's one tough ODST! Halo3ODST"
    EliteRacing343 Nov 8, 12 11:15am
  • "Finished the game... it's too short Halo3ODST"
    Redemption Apr 24, 11 7:18pm
  • "Started the game, some interesting changes that make the game more intense! Halo3ODST"
    Redemption Dec 28, 10 9:32pm
  • "Picked this up for $20 on Boxing Day 2010 (it's a tradition for me to get Halo titles on Boxing day, it's how I got Halo 2 and 3). Halo3ODST"
    Redemption Dec 27, 10 1:59am
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