I can write stuff, yeah. I was sitting around one day and thought to myself, what if Death had more character to it then what

And so I take up the pen once again, ignoring the slight blunder I made last time I came here, and started writing. Thanks to

If you have to pass midnight to move on to the next day, doesn't that mean Midnight, the General Pokemon Mod is holding back the future?
Someone to post a rp saying "Stupid Vele, that's not physically possible." I'd do it but I'm unconscious atm. -Shiny
watching the Doctor, finally. Don't ever wanna put it down.

I'd just like to welcome Pikale back into the community, after his long time away from us, we grew to miss him and though

Well, for the ones who watch the subbed version of XY: the series which can be found on youtube, you would know that this epi

This is a fanfic. Fanfic is about girl. Fanfic has important info. Welcome to Global Escape, Part 1 of a saga with no name

NOTHING TO DO... some one do something.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! But... what are your resolutions for the new year? Ima gonna stop yelling so much,

I finally got that Pangoro hat all those "passersby" people had! You just show the girl near Serena in Kiloude City

It's time... to go to the most dreaded place on earth... HIGHSCHOOL.

Lolnot, this is a distraction. Have fun, I just wasted a precious moment of your slow moving life! ^_^

School restarts tomorrow... I'm not ready.
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