Shadow Bolt Pikachu
Jan 4, 12 11:30pm
EXCUSE ME SIR but I think you have haxxorzz my account
Midnight Pikachu
Dec 6, 11 9:18pm
AmseyKatrop keeps on beating me with my Christmas messages. >:

Anyway, I finally signed your guesbook back! yaay!

^ Those are kiwis btw, if ya didn't know. o;

Have a happy new year too!

Hayley out! dun dun duun! OO:
Amsey Pikachu
Dec 3, 11 7:47am

I loves you mucho x3
Happy Holidays Chicka Roo.. have a good'un +^-^=
Shadow Bolt Pikachu
Nov 17, 11 5:34pm
Sir, or milady how are you doing today? Was today totally awesome? Well Pikachu, ever ask yourself what Pikachu really means?

K- KID, and somewhat kind.
A- AM a crazy beatboxer and bgirl
C- crazy Caring <3
H- HMU. Boardwalk time
U- U still reading?

Well keep reading till the end or you aren't awesome.


So NJ is totally the best

Especially cause NY is right there


WHATTTT I know your still reading

Because you are almost as good as a troll as me. Cause you haxxxored my awesomesauce profile.

YOU HAVE WASTED at least 10 seconds of your life



HAAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You thought I'd forget didn't you? HAVE AN AWESOME DAY MILADY
Shadow Bolt Pikachu
Oct 28, 11 11:49pm

SOOOOOOOO Pika Pikachu, you are definitely going to come back to Neoseeker nao.
Amsey Pikachu
Sep 21, 11 12:30pm
Thought It would be a great idea to express my true feelings for my amazing friend Melly Katrop :'D (Guys.... Her second name is not Katrop by the way.. nor is mine.)

1) I love you to the moon and back!
2) Your 'accent' is one-of-a-kind!
3) Anyone who tries to hurt your feeling will get a slap with a salted fish by a 'small ginger ninja'
4) your the most troll-a-licious Pika-troll I know!

All i'm really trying to say is thanks for being there and understanding my accent since nobody else does!

Aimee x
Guilphlosion Pikachu
Aug 10, 11 12:42am
Hi Pika, thought I;d swing by and sign your book, and I was wondering......
Eon80 Pikachu
Apr 29, 11 12:49am
First off, you’re a great person and even better friend Melly. Don’t let anybody tell you anything different. Anyways, you’re an awesome person Melly and sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re funny, smart, crazy, and sassy. Anyway, thanks for being such a great friend Melly. You're awesome
Jesivis Pikachu
Dec 20, 10 7:24pm

Melly! ^__^

I'm really glad to have been able to meet you here on NeoSeeker. We have only known each other for a few weeks, but they have been some of the best times I've had in quite a while. I am so happy we are where we are now. I enjoy reading everything you have to share in the Paranormal Forum. I'm also really happy about the little "christmas present" you let me in on, that was very sweet of you. I know this may not be much, but I just though I would stamp your guestbook with this little holiday art that I created myself! Enjoy it and have happy holidays, and most importantly, be safe!

Seeaker Pikachu
Dec 16, 10 3:59am


Approved by the best, my pal Pika