God damnit Neo stop notifying me for your pointless shit. Jeezes *bleep*.
who knew a guy could be that pretty JFC
** ORIGIINAL POST >>> http://bit.ly/1lSu8X0 =B =P 8D =o <=o troloololololoo <<< POST ORIGINAL **
The stupidity that this place has turned into is just amazing
All aboard the "I'm gonna go broke as hell in Australia because of one steak" train.
kame kame kame kame SAUWAZ
I spend money I don't have because I'm a dumbass who leaves neo open on random computers
Leave it to Australia to have even a god damned plant that wants to kill you.
Batman Arkham: Origins
Sounds more like the green eyed monster c:
It's easier to be a bitch and be alone than deal with the plastics
It gets easier to ignore as time goes by. My problem is that I don't want to let go
Congrats Pikachu, she's gorgeous. :)
I know who my "friends" are, thank you very much.
Can't bring myself to play ACNL as much anymore. How sad. Oh well.
Good lord listening to British rap is hilarious. "GO'A NOOSE ROUND ME NECK BUH ME HANGIN ON"
got my kindle fire HD 8.9 does not disappoint
Funny how you *bleep* tards are willing to give up quality people for unqualified imbeciles

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