LT23 PichuRules
Mar 11, 10 12:14pm
Wooooo! It's awesome that someone still post in the MP4 forum, it's awesome! See ya around!


(Sorry I ain't got a stamp at the moments)
KirbyLover717 PichuRules
Aug 30, 09 6:59pm
Sorry I'm a little late, but i atleast I didnt come empty handed. It's not really all that good though.

I'll make sure it's better next time. Happy Late Birthday!
Pikman PichuRules
Aug 29, 09 6:15pm
Hi PichuRules! Just wanted to sign again saying Happy Birthday! Also, do you have any Mushroom Men games? Well see you around buddy!
The Champion Maniac PichuRules
Jul 20, 09 10:22pm
I saw that you changed your avatar.well if you're a Pichu fan,are you a Shadow fan?Because thats exactly what i'm gonna stamp you with!I found you through the Who's that Pokemon?forums and i was also wanting to say if you wanna be friends?You can sign my guest book in return if you want to.
STAMPED!!!See ya around!! H.A.G.S!(Have a great Summer)
Pikman PichuRules
Jul 14, 09 11:33pm
Hey, just wanted to stop by and say hey. And... Sorry if it doesn't show up right. Also, my Brawl Friend code is 0646 3968 9180.
DDD2 PichuRules
Jul 4, 09 5:39pm
NOT! Anyway its your friend DDD2! Spongebob quotes keep me on neo-seeker. HAHAHAHAHAHA....... KIDDING! But it is one of the best things about it! So are forums and and and I want chocolate.....
Princess Midna PichuRules
Jan 4, 09 6:24am
Happy New Years to you aswell ^^

-credits to whoever made it :3
Mario65889 PichuRules
Nov 28, 08 4:47am
Hey pichu sup?
signing your guestbook... again!
Hope we can continue do do awesome bloopers on pm...I miss the thread...really bad...
well until the next pm!
KirbyLover717 PichuRules
Sep 12, 08 4:01pm
Hey, thought I should drop by to stamp.

Sorry it took so long to stamp it.
Mario65889 PichuRules
Sep 5, 08 6:20pm
Hi pichurules...sorry I havn't been on for a while my modem well... broke...I guess it was
one of my clumsy days...well just signing your gb.
Mew PichuRules
Sep 1, 08 12:15am
Hi im Mew, and i love pichu! if you want to thank me sign my guestbook or pm me i like signing guestbooks! you can add me to your friends list if you want. P.S. Im friends with Pikman.
Komali PichuRules
Aug 31, 08 6:18pm
Oh damn, i haven't stamped your new account yet, i suck don't I? Well im gonna post a stamp anyway and if you wanna know i just wanna do it.

Pikman PichuRules
Aug 29, 08 10:40pm
Hey there!You've got a new account!That's awesome!Good luck with your new account PichuLover!I'll be seeing you in the Blooper Thread 2!
Weird55 PichuRules
Aug 29, 08 11:13am
Yay! I'm the first one to sign your new guestbook! Well grats on getting the new account. (although I hate Pichu) see yay in the forums!