Hey guys, I was on another site checking out the MK8 forum there and saw that someone posted this video from Gamespot.com. Th

Can't wait for the Wii U version of SSB4!
Spent the whole weekend playing Mario Kart 8. :)

The character roster for Mario Kart 8 has recently been leaked through a screenshot online. It looks like there will be a tot

In Mario Kart DS and Wii, you were able to play VS mode by yourself which lets you customize the race in many ways, such as:

This game has a total of 40 mini-games in the Party mode. Which ones are your favorites to play, and which ones do you feel a

I can't wait for Mario Kart 8 to come out!
I will not stop hating Princess Daisy until I am convinced that there are more Peach fans than Daisy fans out there!
has a new avatar and banner!
I may or may not keep posting here on neo.
A very fun game, with great mini-games and decent boards MarioParty3 N64
The best Mario Party on the N64, I own on both the N64 and Wii! MarioParty2 N64
A good start to the series, I love this game MarioParty N64
If only it had unlockables, then I would play it more often MarioKart64 N64
One of my favorite Mario Karts MarioKartDS DS
The new party mode stinks, but the mini-games are amazing MarioParty9 Wii
One of the better Mario Karts out there, it has a nice large cast of characters MarioKartWii Wii

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