I used to hate Mario Kart 8. Now I love it again.
Currently trying to get all of the main Sonic games. Just missing Sonic '06 and Sonic Generations.
Great levels, decent soundtrack, and I loved the wisps! One of the better Sonic games. SonicColors Wii
My favorite Sonic game ever! :D SonicUnleashed Wii
The story mode isn't very fun because of the game's awful motion controls. But the party mode is super fun and the best part of the game. SonicandTheSecretRings Wii
One of the most underrated Sonic games ever. I myself love this game though and it's my second favorite Sonic game. ShadowTheHedgehog GC
Good levels and the game has a great soundtrack. But the later levels got really frustrating and the game made me rage quite a bit. :/ SonicLostWorld Wii U
I loved Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy's levels. I cannot stand Big's fishing levels! SonicAdventureDXDirectorsCut GC

Hey guys, I was on another site checking out the MK8 forum there and saw that someone posted this video from Gamespot.com. Th

Can't wait for the Wii U version of SSB4!
Spent the whole weekend playing Mario Kart 8. :)

The character roster for Mario Kart 8 has recently been leaked through a screenshot online. It looks like there will be a tot

In Mario Kart DS and Wii, you were able to play VS mode by yourself which lets you customize the race in many ways, such as:

This game has a total of 40 mini-games in the Party mode. Which ones are your favorites to play, and which ones do you feel a

I can't wait for Mario Kart 8 to come out!
I will not stop hating Princess Daisy until I am convinced that there are more Peach fans than Daisy fans out there!
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