figured i sign you back, keep it real around the forum and have fun dueling at misc. games forum. Alright looks like i need to make a stamp so i dont have to right piles of poop to equal the stupid character limit, so i will type enough soon, alright that is good, talk to later, see u, bye
hey hope we can be goood friends tell me if u like my pic and now u must sign back lol
just singing your gbook!!hope u sing back!!

have a nice rest of the day!!
im stil i decided to sihn you gb while i waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and ate a pickle. sry no stamp for you >_< but just be glad im as old as i am (14)
Just signing your guest book and that your welcome for the banner see ya!
high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high
hay you may not be lucky with pokemon! but you will get lucky with a girl eventually!

they may just be anime pics but you could get lucky! lol hahaha!
I've seen you alot around NeoSeeker and I'd just like to say that I think you're pritty cool

Have a nice day! bye!

I loooove water pokemon!!!


I just stopped by to sign your guestbook.
>>>>>>>>>Okay,seee ya!
God bless you!
I just thought I'll sine your GBook;)

and also the Picture in my stamp is a Picture I drew:D PM me and I'll show you some more Pictures that I drew;)

Hi sign my guest book sometime.
Here is my stamp:
Just stampin piccolo and i thoughed we could be neofriends.


super saiyan 3 mew
Hey I'm just signing your guestbook beacause you seem like a great person. And I thought we might just be good neofriends.
P.M. me sometime!
Hey, I thought I'd just sign your guestbook. You seem like a pretty cool person.

Well here's my stamp:

It's good to see new digimon fans around.Keep up posting and don't forget the Digimon Forum
PS:Enjoy the following pics:

I think that's high enough from me...
Hello piccolo ssj4,How are you?Its nice to see a new person posting in the digimon world 2 forum.Well,see ya later!

hi piccolo i thought i should sign your guest book...
i hope we'll be friends.

please sign mine. ^;^can you see the face?
just dropped in to ask whether you would be one of my neo-friends. sign mine aswell

well seeya....................................
its me and since im signing you gest book can you sign my i hope you injoy your stay at mine thank if you sign my gest book from jirachi
thank for signing my guest book and i thought i should sign yours. see you in the pokemon ruby and sapphire fourms and if you need help on codes ask me, later.