Here is the new location of it, same thing though.

We should do more in the future

If you want, delete the previous entry.

This is the first music video I managed to create with anyone, with success that is. Enjoy the hard work you put into it

im signing thats is all i have to say.
akakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka!akak aakakkaka akakakakaka akakakak! akakaka?

(mars attack)
Thanks for the random signing . I've seen you around the forums I think . So.. well here you go!

See you around .


Thanks for signing mine, It needs as much as possible, as it's so small and lonely...
Oh, friendly message, right. You're nice enough to reply to Pms from a near stranger.
<insert friendly message here>

You really try to get the best of me on "Create a Coin". But now you've come to yuor senses. You now create all kinds of different coins.
Congrats on answering my NeoHome riddle correctly! Now as promised:
Hey there phoenix, I thought Id drop by and sign in here. I hope to see you in the forums dude.

Keep it cool. Pleez sign mine back.
Nice work on winning the Honor of 2nd Mario Millionaire in the Super Mario Sunshine Forum Millionaire Thread!! You are now a judge and keep up the good work!

Lol! Pleaz sign bak!
I shall sign you're guestbook! You seem pretty cool too and whoever signs my guestbook is awesome! I will add you're name soon. When I have the time.
Hey, thanks for signing in my guestbook, even though that was cool. And yes, we'll be neofriends daily, BTW. C YA!
I just got a new stamp. I figured i would sign your guestbook agai with it. I figured you would like it as you are from Green Bay.

There you go,
Hey i havent seen you around that much becuase i dont go to those forums that much but i check in every once in a while. I hope to see you around.

Signed and Stamped By,
thank u so much for signing my guestbook. hey, do you go to any other forums besides the sms forum? i only go to three counting sms. sorry i cant post links or stamps or pictures, but i know u know how good i feel about someone signing my guestbook since i became a member in january 2005.
Hey Brian my main man, thanks for signing my guestbook! And by golly it would be my honor to be your friend. I got nothing else better to do. Anywhoo, it was nice talkin' to ya. Hope you have fun in life, and make sure you remember the values the Native Americans taught us many centuries ago. They might come in handy!

Thee One, Thee Only,
I'll gladly be your neo-buddie!!


Need an actual stamp!!

Plz sign back to the g-book of,

Thanks for signing my GB! And yeah i would be your neofriend! Here's a stamp! Hope you like it

See you!