Grah! .hack infection is so much gringing.
I've been on manga addiction for a while now, it's great!
Does everyone believe that Deadpool is a B.A. and should be commended for it.
Okay, love anime, manga, video games, everything like that. Doesthat make a nerd? Pretty much, but that's a good thing.
What is time if it was invented by humans? Does time really exist, or is this a universal concept?
Deadpool, need I say more?
Why must a clan need constant caring??? *sigh*
Please stop with the single-console games... I don't wnat to have to buy a ps3 for awesome looking games.
So many pokemon games...
Had Spore for a couple of years... just entered galactic core.
Still in 2012, I just didn't want it end so fast... 2013 is promising, every year is getting closer to next gen consoles.
Grunts lining up, Legendary Difficulty, they're just waiting for slaughter.
Making forge maps upon forge maps. Wish I had Live, I want to play halo 4 against others. :(
New year? All I hear is 'New Games! Great Games!' Ready for next gen consoles. Ready for 2013!
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