Offering - not sure really. I have events/shiny legendaries/some competitive hatchlings from my own breeding projects/clones

If it happens to have defog as an eggmove then great but not necessary - female much preferred. Can offer other HA Pokemon or

Would like my flawless shiny Entei to be cloned. Need two copies for myself and you may keep one. Would like to see proof

Please feel free to keep a copy. The Entei is WIN2011, Adamant with Extremespeed. 2 copies for me, plus the original would

Preferably female but fine either way. Let me know what you're seeking! Thanks :).

Used to be able to do this myself but no longer thanks to Nintendo shutting down previous gen GTS servers :(. I have a cou

Hi, I have a ton of older event Pokemon for trade. These have all been legitimacy checked to the best of my abilities.

Seeking a cloner to clone 2 copies of my shiny old sea map Mew. You may keep a copy for yourself or request w/e else you may

Willing to offer events/shiny legendaries/perfect IV pokemon etc. Just let me know what you're seeking :).

Chatot needs Boomburst and Nasty Plot or Encore For the legendaries mainly seeking Arceus (shiny would be great but not ne

Seeking competetive shinies and other events (nicknameable huge plus for the shinies). Do NOT have to be Kalos bred for any p

Ideally a Phantump with good IVs too! Trading 3 & 4 IV Super Sized Impish Pumpkaboos. Could potentially breed for a 5

I've tried and tried to find one and I give up... if anyone could trade me one it would be much appreciated. Nature, abil

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