This will be a surprise when you actually log on
I have never signed this before, in all our time together
I love you darling
13 days til our anniversary number 2
I can't believe it, it's gone so fast! 2 years have passed so quickly...
But I love you more than ever

I'm supposed to be doing homework now so I'll get back to it
I love you lots and lots like jelly tots!

Happy Valentine Day!!!!!!!!!!!


Been nice talking to you and all You already signed mine, but here you go =D

Ty for signing my guestbook phillie

Here's another one.

Know you dont play hockey ( I think) but hey, anythings better than the Pens, Right?

Happy New Year from Giechel O/Glitzville!
‘Ello there and have a happy Christmahanukkwanza.

I used this last year, but don’t have time to make another one, so… meh.

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

Sign back pl0x. Just don’t take my presents.


Merry Christmas. Have Fun with the stamp.

Evgeni Malkin says Merry Christmas. He also said that if you sign back he will score a goal, so sign back!

Take care.
Stampy Stamp

You've got Stamped by Kinny!

Mehehehe ... =/
The best time of the year is upon us friend. October 5th, 7 pm est: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Carolina Hurricanes.

It's time for some Pens hockey!

I know you're such a huge Pens fan, I even supplied you with videos!

Take care and remember, LET'S GO PENS
I'm you j00r friends list!!! -hugs- Here's a stamp!

New one on its way... eventually.

stamp back or else ill get my dad to sew u and jagex !!!!!!11one!

Best Optical look-a-like ever, tbh. :3

Seeya around, mate.
This Dragonforce stamp will have to do because MS Paint is all I have. Adioss.