Bravo53 Phi
Mar 10, 13 10:37pm
Hi Phi! I was wondering how you get that little pokemon sprite gif by your name. Thanks!
pokemonrayqauza Phi
Jul 20, 11 8:13pm
Just wanted to say hi to you. I also want to say you do a great job moderating in the fourms. Again just wanted to give out a hello
Quetzalcoatl Phi
Mar 13, 11 5:54am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Artirtico Phi
Dec 25, 10 6:31am

Hiya! Hope you have a great Christmas; eat too much good food, get lost in mountains of wrapping paper and have fun playing the same meaningless yet hysterical party games over and over again xD

Cheers! and happy new year!
Anger1995 Phi
Sep 23, 10 7:01am
lets geet together on ACWW my gates are open i neeed your info though. im just waasting spaace cuz of thee 125 chaaracter thing XP wee! xp
Sakura Phi
Jul 12, 10 10:18am
Hey, I am so happy we are part of the same clan! I think we basically like all of the same games. Seriously, every time I post in a forum, I usually see posts that you made too! You have really good taste in games! =D

Hopefully we'll become better friends in the future! ^-^
Dec 2, 09 1:10am
how r u doing today in ireland????me nothing just signing ur guestbook. would u like to sign my guestbook in return???I live in the united states btw.
NextHanna Phi
Jul 28, 09 10:23pm
Hey Clo! I wanted to sign all my friend's guestbook sooner or later. Here's your's!

contretemps Phi
Jul 24, 09 11:04pm
Hi Clo! I just thought I'd leave a message for one of my first friends on Neoseeker. Thank you for being here and always being around for a chat.
I'll see you soon!

Broken Rainbow Phi
Jul 19, 09 5:46am
Bye clo, I'll really miss you.. You've been a really good friend by helping my clan when I left before and you've been so nice to me. Thanks for everything you've done. I remember when I met you on your other account in my first gang and you were so nice. We both loved Music <3. Well, please take care and I'll miss you.
Gliscor19 Phi
Jul 18, 09 12:24am
hey thar! i'm just signing randomly, hope you are doing awesome, see ya later, gotta go, bye! 0w0 COOKEH??? YAAAY!!! *dances in circles*
Samus Phi
May 2, 09 9:02pm

See ya around

Shiny Mew Phi
Apr 26, 09 11:45pm

See you around. =D
Samus Phi
Jan 12, 09 1:04am
I told you I had a surprise ^__^
Sorry it's a day late, my scanner wouldn't work and it took me a day to find my camera @__@;
2009 sees me signing all of my friend's GB's with a personalised birthday picture. Here's yours:

Of course, I have no idea what you look like, so it's a wild guess. YAY.
Dramon Knight Phi
Jan 9, 09 1:18am
Happy birthday Co, have a good one.

I don''t have time for a stamp and stuff now, but let me just say thanks for being someone who means something to me.

See you properly in March.
Artirtico Phi
Dec 25, 08 2:03am

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Samus Phi
Dec 6, 08 7:13pm
Hi Clo!
I've never signed your guestbook, but I know you from like 500 gangs, so I think the time has come!

Starlety Phi
Oct 27, 08 10:33pm
Hi disillusioned. I'm from Ireland too (dublin, capital city, woo) I'm in your gang aswell. I love being in gang's. If I ever make a gang will you join? Hello? ANSWER ME! Lol!