Phi blogged
Dec 30, 08 9:57pm

You're probably thinking WTF is she on but everyone has an obsession mine just happens to be hats.
It all started six years ago when I recieved my first black, sequined beret and now ten years later the love is still there. I've got quite a collection that still fit, a little less than 50 I think. You can bet whether it's a sun hat or a farming cap I own one.

But what made me write this blog was the wonderful hat I recieved from my friends as part of a Christmas/birthday present (I'm not even born at Christmas time but some people seem to think early January is, but that's a rant for a different time). They know of my obsession so they bought me what happens to be my now all time favourite hat. It's this gorgeous wool ski hat with wait for it... bells on it n_n
Which has now started my new obsession for things with bells on it, but I guess some things never change.
Peace out!

Phi blogged
Dec 24, 08 5:49am

What a crap way to start a blog but meh my mind works in quite simple ways.

I wish everyone a happy festive time... which reminds me that I still haven't decorated the Christmas trees even though it's Christmas Eve.

So yeah...



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