changed her custom title to "What do you want, Steven?"
found Dark Arcanine's user review helpful
One year countdown to my wedding starts now. n_n
IRL marrying Dark Arcanine in March 2016.
changed her custom title to "Gone"
likes Eiche's status update: "The amount of mobile app clones in the Top 100 Forums is TOO DAMN HIGH"

This highly scientific image accurately displays my reasoning for increasing cat numbers. :3 read more

Getting a new kitten. =D Leading to a grand total of 4 cats. Almost Crazy Cat Lady territory. x_x
likes Chris' status update: "Plans for today: New leaf, new leaf and yes, more new leaf"
Passed all my uni exams. =3
Exam results today. ;_;

I just hope nothing happens to Jon and Robb or a while, I will continue to watch it. Their attractiveness is a huge... read more

Finished series one of Game of Thrones. All the feels. ;__; I'm not sure if I have the heart to keep watching.

Nah, it will always have its die hard fans who will defend every idiotic decision until the console finally Dreamcasts. read more

Nah, I want something completely new and fresh. I'll have plenty of time to think about it when I try to avail of a... read more

RIP Okami Avatar June 2009 - June 2013. It was definitely time for a change. Next up: perhaps a name change. D:
changed her avatar to avatar

Nah, still past the shoulders but with a weird fringe that won't tuck behind the ear. ;-: read more

New short hair cut. =3 Of course the cut that suits my face is a real hard-to-keep nose tickler. ;-;
I hate being forced to take unnecessary extra modules in university that have nothing to do with my degree. Beginner's Korean here I come.