One year countdown to my wedding starts now. n_n
IRL marrying Dark Arcanine in March 2016.
Getting a new kitten. =D Leading to a grand total of 4 cats. Almost Crazy Cat Lady territory. x_x
Passed all my uni exams. =3
Exam results today. ;_;
Finished series one of Game of Thrones. All the feels. ;__; I'm not sure if I have the heart to keep watching.
RIP Okami Avatar June 2009 - June 2013. It was definitely time for a change. Next up: perhaps a name change. D:
New short hair cut. =3 Of course the cut that suits my face is a real hard-to-keep nose tickler. ;-;
I hate being forced to take unnecessary extra modules in university that have nothing to do with my degree. Beginner's Korean here I come.
Exams are finished! =3
These exams feel like they're going on forever. ;____;
Apart but always together. <3
God damn updates. >:
Today! :33333333333333333
A day. :333333
4 days. :3


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