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Dec 11, 15 5:37am

I think it would be useful to be allowed to add a new platform without uploading a boxshot when you go to add a new platform

Dec 11, 15 4:22am
Less than 100 days to my wedding day. :D
Nov 6, 15 2:47pm
I can't believe today is the day I leave Ireland for Australia for good. 0-0
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Oct 24, 15 11:29pm

Since the latest update of game profile pages, I have found a bug when it comes to submitting release dates for games that ar

Oct 21, 15 1:27pm
Getting married in 150 days time. :D
Oct 6, 15 5:42pm
I cannot wait to play Happy Home Designer. :D Just another 31 more days until I can get it.
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Oct 6, 15 3:21pm
Dragonmaiden Phi
Sep 21, 15 11:25pm
Is this the Dark Side?
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Aug 7, 15 3:27am

I know I am late to the party but I only got this game last month. I am looking for other towns to visit and shop at or for p

Jul 2, 15 12:23pm
One more day till I leave to be with my fiancé again. n____n
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Jul 1, 15 11:21pm

The title sums it up, I guess. Is there any talent or skill you wish you could have? I always get jealous when I see peop

Jun 26, 15 2:44pm
I do hope this game sees an international release. Monster Hunter meets Animal Crossing hellyes MonsterHunterDiaryPokaPokaAirouVillageDX
Dragonmaiden Phi
Jun 20, 15 9:46pm
What type?
Jun 20, 15 9:28pm
Two weeks till Dark Arcanine and I are beach summer fun buddies again. :3
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Jun 18, 15 4:19pm

Jun 17, 15 4:02pm
So excited for Happy Home Designer. I need to buy New Leaf first though. AnimalCrossingHappyHomeDesigner
Jun 16, 15 11:45am
The latest Steven Universe episode was amazing. x_x PearlxRose is my ship.
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Jun 10, 15 7:49pm

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Jun 5, 15 1:53pm What is everyone's favourite flavour? Is there any you

Mar 18, 15 9:59pm
One year countdown to my wedding starts now. n_n


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