So, I'm giving this dream journal thing a go. A lot of the time I either don't remember my dreams or I do and they

Or intolerance in general? Where do you draw the line and consider one person homophobic, or racist, or whatever you're r

So I noticed that if you hover over a users name in the forums, you can see the number of friends they have and the number of

I'm a little down right now because today was the last time I'll ever see most if not all of the people I've beco

So I've been pretty interested in lucid dreaming recently, and I've heard a lot about what happens when you look into

I was rather bored earlier and started thinking about what adults "protect" their children from in the media, overp

is watching the world crumble.

I haven't really been very active on Neo in a good few months now, and last time I checked The Lobby there was some good

No doubt this has been done millions of times before but I want to see how creative the people of Loungin' can be when it

Happy birthday :D

I've always thought I was abnormal for doing this, but it's seeming to get more apparent. I watch crappy, trashy docu

Nothing like almost dying on the icy roads uphill to spread XMas cheer! Christmas Holidays Snow
Hopefully convincing my dad to get an Alienware X51 for Xmas! Christmas Alienware Desktop PC
Starting Absorica (isotretinoin) today! HugePills

So I noticed a thread in Thinker's Lounge about vegetarianism, where a user talked about their views on eating meat. They talked about how it was an "inherently cruel" process, and yet something they accepted as a necessary evil. While there's not really anything majorly off about this viewpoint, I felt inspired to document my own opinions on the matter.

This comes down to what I call food chain vs food industry. By food chain, I mean the natural way by which carnivores and omnivores (us) all eat the meats of other animals. I have no problems with this. I don't think this is inherently cruel. Perhaps it could be considered so on a broader scale. But nature is sometimes a bit of an ass, we all know that. All species including ourselves have instincts, ways to survive naturally with what they have. So no, eating meat doesn't bother me. But here is where the food industry comes in. As opposed to the natural food chain, the food industry is the system that humans as an intelligent and social species have devised to make this meat easy to find and accessible. In this system, animals are bred and brought up in harsh environments, separated from their natural habitats and parents/offspring, often abused, and their lives are considered to be worth no more than just a number. They are treated as though they exist entirely for humans, without any trace of respect. Here is where I have a problem. It disgusts me, it sickens me, it makes me wish I weren't human. But it happens. I make no excuses for myself nor for any other meat eaters. This is the way we have evolved, and homo sapiens is inherently evil in most cases anyway. End of story.

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