I'm trying to use it in a directory post in my Dream Journal in the Dream forums, but it doesn't seem to be working a

Well, as of right now, it's only available through email invite with keys to unlock the demo (a download through Origin),

So, I'm giving this dream journal thing a go. A lot of the time I either don't remember my dreams or I do and they

Or intolerance in general? Where do you draw the line and consider one person homophobic, or racist, or whatever you're r

So I noticed that if you hover over a users name in the forums, you can see the number of friends they have and the number of

I'm a little down right now because today was the last time I'll ever see most if not all of the people I've beco

So I've been pretty interested in lucid dreaming recently, and I've heard a lot about what happens when you look into

I was rather bored earlier and started thinking about what adults "protect" their children from in the media, overp

is watching the world crumble.

I haven't really been very active on Neo in a good few months now, and last time I checked The Lobby there was some good

No doubt this has been done millions of times before but I want to see how creative the people of Loungin' can be when it

Happy birthday :D

I've always thought I was abnormal for doing this, but it's seeming to get more apparent. I watch crappy, trashy docu

Nothing like almost dying on the icy roads uphill to spread XMas cheer! Christmas Holidays Snow

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