Umm...I'd first like to thank
Ecto and Art for helping me out with coding this.
Anyway...here's the order of which the boxes that you click are in.
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2. Neo-friends
3. Peter
4. Farewell
5. Music and my opinions and...other things

Name: Aina _ _ _ _ _

Age: Only my friends will know.

Location: Texas

Nationality: Asian

My new neo-home is all based on Toradora!, the new anime
I've been watching, Hilarious and sad at some points,
my favorite characters are Takasu (The one in the blur hair)
and taiga (The one in orange hair)

Likes: Graphics, Samantha (Snoopymaster), Neoseeker,
Myself, My current grades so far, Peter (Zeta), My adorable chihuahua, Video games,
Anime, Manga, My friends, Art, Robert Downey Jr., and Soul Eater

Richie, Nubs, arrogant or ignorant people, Bad grades, Bad spelling or
grammar, My Science teacher, Writing long essays or having a lot
of homework, and Gluttony, oh and at the very tip top, Element, what a bitch he is. Haha.

A "scratch of the surface" about me.
Well...I'm somewhat your typical teenager..I guess...but a lot
of the girls I know..besides my friends in athletics, are those
"Don't want to get my hair wet" girls,
I'm a light year away from being that type of girl. I do like to where skirts and dresses occasionally, and yes. I do
like to shop for clothes. But I just don't like being all peppy
and "Omg, like...omg...I..like omg..", Yeah...Besides that....Umm...I play
for my middle school's soccer team in athletics, and I'm not even
close to being popular in my school and won't ever be,
but I do have a decent amount of friends and I'm not in total social exile or anything.

Last neo-home update: 12/14/08

These are all of my best friends on my puny friends list.
(Not in any type of order, just the friends listed on the top
are the ones that immediately popped in my mind)

Dramon knight

Aha, We just started talking to each other. =/
But Dramon is pretty nice. We haven't talked much, but from what
I know, he's male, uhhhh...that's pretty much it...I don't know...what to put really XD

(Peterkins <3)

Lulz, Zeta and I always talk through PM now. X3
It's really fun to talk with him ,and he's pretty smexy to be honest. =3
He's the cutest guy any girl would want. =O
But unfortunately he's all mine. :L
So yeah, Zeta's pretty nice overall...Nice friend..yup yup. =3


Element, You bitch. O__O
He's not a friend, baha, never will be, call me a jerk and sue me for doing this.
He's such a graphics wannabe, he trys to act cool but never will be
but he'll realize that sooner or later


You could say we're friends
More like someone I can relate to than anything else
She's nice and very understanding, She's great.
Awesome friend, and also, thanks for understanding. ;3


Sammie is almost always nice. Well...Actually she always nice to
me. She was actually my first friend on Neo. I don't see her on
a lot anymore, but I can understand with school and all. But
whenever we do get a chance to talk, we always have a great
time, and Sammie's really witty I guess you can say. (in a Good


Quinci! =D He's Ghanaian by the way. ;3
I'm joking.
Anyway. Quinci's a graphics artist just like me.
Except he's much better. <3
(Message to him: How ish you and those cockroaches..? ;3)
He's nice like all my other friends...but he's different..
I have it at the tip of my tongue. D;
He's just different and funny and stuff. =/


Amy is (like usual with all my friends. >__<) nice. We don't
talk a lot, but I just absolutley love her art and stuff.
I wish I could be a good artist just like her. D=
I really would love to know more about her in the future,
because currently..I barely know anything about her..D;


Look! Spike!
>__<' Camille's really different form all my friends. Really.
She's actually a girl. Who Likes Anime. And the stuff I like.
Which is awesome, And to sum up her awesomeness, She's really
funny, and can be funny unintentionally. XD


<3! XDD
Zandy ish teh definition of Cool.
He's pretty normal..but he likes anime. X3 and he can be funny
and he has a pretty good temper too. He's very light-hearted
and will always be nice unless you screw-up and just...just go
berserk at him or one of his close friends. D=


Anyway, Didn't expect Diego to accept me as a friend, I thought
him as one of those "pricks in G&A" that don't welcome you
or don't want to be your friend because you're stupid.
Guess I was wrong. X3 Diego's very very nice and he's quite the friend,
Awesome graphics artist too.

Crystal Creation

Joshie!! D=
Now Joshie here is..Awesome. I'm srs. He's so
funny...you'll..you'll...y-you don't want to know..O__O;
I've known him since I first joined and is still a great
Graphics maker..*cough*not*cough* Joking...He barely Ever comes
on anymore, Damn Josh. If you did come on even ONCE, you'd have
a bigger description thing. =P


I really don't know much about Matt. But I do know he's...he's a
Pwnsome graphics maker. He really is. He's helped me with
a bunch of graphic stuff. =3 and I really do Appreciate his help.
I haven't talked much to him....so I really don't know what to
put.. .__.; But I can tell you that he's from Australia. X3


Max..(rite?) I've known him ever since I've joined actually. XD
I don't remember much about you yet...but I do know you're
like...10/11..XD Don't you have to be at least 13? Anyway, He's nice,
Nubbish..Kidding, and can be funny..Sometimes. ;3

Thanks, Sam. ;3

Why do we even bother?
Bother at this relationship if we're so far away?
Maybe because it's the bond we made, the bond we made so long
ago that we're building day after day, maybe it's the love
we've been hiding for so long, maybe, just maybe,
it's because, we we're meant to be. ♥

He's so fwuffable and lovable and huggable and squishable and BAAAAWWW. :L
He's so nice, I mean, Of course some people would be irritated
to see his name in like what..5 places in my neo-home? Who cares, Peter is mine. :L
Peter, Hmm, I remember when we first met, In my Pokemon Diamond
Clan..The concept, he was the third person to join, and he
corrected me quite a lot. I don't know this for sure, But I
think he thought I was a nub or something, of course I was.
but look where we are know. He was nice to me, we talked on MSN
for a while, and I think I still have this PM...*goes looking
in PM inbox* Nop. But I remember him saying something like.."I
miss you!!!!!! I love you so much" and some other crap. Shocked
me a bit, but then he said.."No! I mean, I love you as a
friend. XD" Some thing along that line. From that day on, I
knew something good would happen to us sooner or later.

Here's a message to Peter. <3

Peter, I know people say that 13 year olds "Neo-marrying"
is really stupid and pathetic, but that's not true when it
comes to us, it's true love, I know it is. It's not just
us saying "HEY <33333" or being together at the hopes of cyber,
but we're together because we love each other and know we have
someone that supports you at anything, you can depend on that
person if you're in a bad mood, or want someone to talk
to you even though their faking that they're interested in it
or they won't hang up on you because you're nagging about your
friends being bitches for hours. I don't really give a shit if
everyone things our relationship is stupid and it'll last
for a few months and it'll wear out, but I really don't give a
crap for the people who think of us like that, because I know,
I know for sure, we'll last for eternity. <3

General Info Name: Age:

Music and Opinions...and things I like

Jonas brothers
Their just...so stupid. ;-;
They can't even sing a song right. They make my day all cloudy
and stormy. They just totally ruin music. I mean it. ;-;
And what makes me CRAZY when I hear "The Jonas Brothers"
is....the fangirls. >__> I don't even have to explain. You know how fangirls are. They
yell and scream and ew. >__<'

My name
Ugh, people always think my name is pronounced A-na. But it's
I-na. So yeah, Just wanted to clear that out of the way.

<33333! Peter is awesome.
I don't mean to be all annoying but seriously! He's nice, funny, and...just awesome.
He respects my love for yaoi, I've told some of my own friends and their disgusted.
But I don't care, if they don't respect my feelings towards
things and people, they aren't really my true friends to be
honest. Anyway, I've been going in the wrong direction. >__<
Peter, he can really be trusted. If you can get to know him at
least, and he can really be a great friend if you get to know
him well enough. Buuuuuut. He's all mine when it comes to romance. :L

What I look for in a guy

Of course, Peter's more than enough for me.
Just explaining what I want in a guy. =3

Hair Color: Brown or Black (No blonde please)
Eye Color: Brown or Blue.
Hair length: Short or medium like...hmm..to a inch or two above the collar bone..
Hair Style:Curly (Not curly curly, like..a few curls here and there.) and wavy. :L
Height: Meh. An height taller than me. But not...too tall. O__O;
Personality: Nice, but you know, that "bad boy" personality. 83 Like Peter. =3
Hot or Cute: Augh. Such a Hard choice. Both please?
Kiss or Cuddle: Kiss. =D
Looks: Haha. Umm, I like cute big eyes, but not...really big.
Favorite body part: ......=3
Muscular or skinny: In the middle please.



I'll just give you my iTunes playlist. Akay?

Violet Hill
Viva la Vida
Flashing Lights
American Boy
I Don't Want To Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)
(Don't ask, it's a special song)
Hot 'N Cold
Lupe Fiasco - The Cool - 18 - Fighters
Four Minutes
Shake It
We Run This
Work It
Rihanna - Umbrella ft. Jay-Z
That's What You Get
Misery Business
Please Don't Stop the Music
When I Grow Up
Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne - Let It Rock
Rihanna - Take a bow