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Dec 16, 08 11:26am

Yo, I think a lot of you know me, Aina.
Just decided to make a blog for myself. X3

Well, let's start with my horrible experience moving back to Texas, yes, back, It was horrible and I didn't have a choice whether to stay with my mom or dad, I had to go to my dad, but his attempts at cheering me up where sad, starting by going on a longer route was horrible, we went to Mt. Rushmore, and that was the only benefit from going the longer route, yes, I love history and it's my strongest subject in school.

But the worst thing was my mom was the only person I could depend on to talk to or go out on a "all girls day" to the spa and mall going to Hollister and such. She was my closest friend and the hardest thing to get rid of. When we finally arrived, the house was in HORRIBLE condition, dog poop stains and everything you could imagine, occasionally you would see fairly large spiders around the house, the house in Colorado had NO mess at all, seeing how the house over there was also a Spa, it had to be clean. The house was my dad's at first, before we moved to Colorado that is. But we didn't know we'd be moving back, so we sold it to my brother-in-law and my older sister (Wife and husband) Everyone in my family is Muslim, so it's not a good idea to by dogs because in the Quran it states dogs are dirty animals and aren't a good pet, now I for one love dogs, I'll say that, but still, Have you seen what some dogs do? But my sister still bought two little rascals who SERIOUSLY did some damage to the house.

Today, I still regret moving.


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