Came across this lad while scouting talent in Brazil. It's a shame about his pace, he looks a decent player otherwise...

I am playing as Real Betis in the Liga Adelante in an effort to return them to past glories. Alvaro Vadillo is a beast, but I

Has anyone else been inundated with job offers? Over the course of the second season, while managing Parma (after a measly 15

I have just arranged to sign this lad in my City game, which is hopefully mirrored in real life in the future too! He is

Ok, I have started work on an entirely new tactical concept (for me anyway) that was inspired by reading about the way Guardi

Hey guys! I'm back hanging around the forums incase you hadn't noticed and I'm ready to start talking tactics (wh

Hey guys, just a quick one. Please remember that Football Manager 15 is currently in BETA testing. Meaning that we are all cu

I just started a game as Atletico Madrid. During my first friendly I noticed that I would prefer it if Raul Garcia dropped de

I don't have a lot of time these days, my first child was born recently and she takes up somewhere between 99% and 200% o

size=1]Ok, I have been on the lookout for a tactical project that will get my creative and competitive juices flowing. I want

Last year I detailed my tactical experimentation with a 3-5-2 formation. It has become evident that I need to revive this for

Validation has a SOMS going now about this challenge, and I decided I would start it too. I don't really have the inclina

Once again thanks to WWFAN on the SI Games Forums for this guide and I have his permission to share it here. --Quote WWFAN

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